Garden Highlights During the Month of May 2021

May is a glorious month with many changes taking place in the garden. The month started with hellebores giving away the spotlight to blooming epimediums, unfurling hostas and various ephemerals. Flowering shrubs like rhododendrons and azaleas and trees like dogwoods were the stars in mid-May. By the end of the month, my hostas were fullyContinue reading “Garden Highlights During the Month of May 2021”

Using Mini Hostas in Containers

Even though hostas have been grown in the West since the end of the 18th century, interest in smaller varieties is relatively recent. In “The Book of Little Hostas”, Kathy and Michael Shadrack pinpoint the introduction of h. ‘Pandora’s Box’ in 1996 as the defining moment that kindled that interest (Shadrack and Shadrack, 2010, p.Continue reading “Using Mini Hostas in Containers”